The Legend of the Nog: A SailPoint Tradition

In the early days of SailPoint, our founder Kevin Cunningham began a holiday tradition of putting his eggnog making skills to work by making eggnog for the whole SailPoint Crew (all 30 or so of us).

Fast-forward to 2017. A lot has happened since that first batch of eggnog and so much has changed. But one thing has remained steadfast, and that is the tradition of Kevin’s eggnog.

As part of that tradition Ruben Hannah, our Senior Contracts Manager,  has always had the privilege of getting the first sip of the nog and giving it his blessing. This year, I joined him in channeling the Spirit of Eggnog Past by sharing a poem alongside Ruben.

Without further ado, here are the poems Ruben and I shared to commemorate this annual SailPoint tradition.

Eggnog: A History
as i lay watching the last smoldering ember
my mind drifts away to another December
bright, colorful sweaters in my memory amassed
when suddenly i’m greeted by the Nog Spirit Past…

he whisks me away to 11 years prior
to a scrappy young SailPoint, full of grit and desire
a party!! at the center a frothy libation
at once i knew this was Kevin’s creation.

“of what is it made?” to the Spirit i query
(just a glance at this concoction would make any man leery)
but he just stands there silent … just leaves me to think
Kevin passes a mug and says “bottoms up, kid … now DRINK!”

an explosion of flavors set my palette aflame…
cognac, bourbon, brandy, something that might clear a drain,
cream, sugar, nutmeg … and, of course, the namesake … eggs.
two gulps … now it’s gone … i no longer feel my legs.

i stumble backwards a bit … my vision goes blurry
Nog Spirit Future appears, saying “come now … please hurry!
you have dwelt long enough in the memories of yore.
i have something to show you … please step through this door.”

time and space unravel as we vault forward through years.
Magellan, compliance, identity, some tears…
To the cloud then beyond, and now lifting the veil
New York … on the ticker … I see the word SAIL!!!

and now years in the future i find myself placed
with Rick’s tiny sweater* all eyes are still graced.
Ruben still with his thermos, which is filled to the brim
ready to head to his home so he can “share with his kin”

but now FIVE vats of nog for the scores of SailPointers
Ruben stands in the center, still the sacred anointer.
to one side McClain smiles … tearing up … blinks his eyes
Must be the fumes from the nog … or his pride for you guys.
– Kelly Grizzle

*Rick’s Tiny Sweater


Year after year
I sailed the sea
Searching for the perfect eggnog
So desperately.

I went to Australia,
Singapore and Spain.
I went to Mississippi,
Nebraska and Maine.

But in my travels
I could not find
That perfect eggnog
To blow my mind.

Then my search brought me from California to Austin
Across the Mansfield Dam
And then I met The Eggnog King
Kevin Cunningham.

Now my search is over.
Here I stand.
The perfect eggnog
Is in my hand.
– Ruben Hannah