June 18th Webinar: Access Management for Cloud, Web and Mobile

If you’re struggling to manage convenient access to web, cloud and mobile applications for your internal and external users while maintaining compliance, secure access to data, you won’t want to miss this live webinar we are hosting next week, Tuesday, June 18th.

You’ll learn how a next-generation access management solution from SailPoint can help you to:

  • Enable business users to securely deploy and access cloud applications without help from IT while meeting compliance and security requirements;
  • Add or extend Single Sign-On (SSO) to your cloud, web, and mobile apps with a single solution; and
  • Easily provide your auditors with proof that those risky cloud and “Bring Your Own” apps are being appropriately managed.

Register today and learn more about SailPoint’s Access Management Solution that offers users convenient SSO access to any applications they need from any device, while at the same time providing IT with visibility into access throughout the organization.
Hope you can join us!