Introducing Identity Days: Taking the Power of Identity On the Road

We’ve reached the age where data breaches are now a common occurrence. 60% of organizations expect to be breached, while a third don’t think they’ll know if they’ve been breached. To mitigate this threat and create a secure environment, an identity-aware infrastructure is necessary. This places identity at the core of your IT and security investments; placing a ‘security perimeter’ around each individual accessing your network, and resulting in stronger security while addressing your compliance requirements.

You are invited to this free, exclusive Identity Day event where you will learn how to establish an identity-aware infrastructure that will address your evolving and complex security and compliance needs. If you’re in or near Chicago, London, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Johannesburg, we encourage you to reserve your seat today!

So, what else is in store for you?

Identity Day events provide attendees the opportunity to network and connect with other organizations such as yours.  Understand how they are addressing their digital transformation including migrating to the cloud, managing a modern mobile workforce, and opening business borders to vendors, contractors and partners while still addressing their needs to increase IT efficiencies, establish stronger security controls, and make it easier to enforce, demonstrate and prove compliance.

For a quick peek at what you’ll find during the day, read on.

Identity Day Schedule

Each Identity Day event is designed to educate and enable you with identity best practices that you can apply to your organization’s Security and IT initiatives.


  • Establishing an Identity-aware infrastructure
  • Customer Best Practice Case Study
  • Addressing industry compliance requirements including GDPR
  • Identity expert panel session
  • Innovations in Identity
  • Networking with peers
  • Partner Showcase and vendor expo

Who, What, When and Where

If your organization is striving to maintain a competitive edge while undergoing a digital transformation, this event will bring to light the best practices while also allowing you to connect with industry experts to help you along on your journey.

The full calendar of events is below. Find an event near you and get registered before space runs out!

iD.Chicago (10/26)

iD.Singapore (11/7)

iD.Hong Kong (11/9)

iD.Jo’burg (11/9)

iD.London (12/5)

iD.Paris (12/7)