Integrated Identity and Access Management for Secure, Streamlined Service to the Business

As user access requirements grow more extensive and complex, just keeping up with access demands from the business can be overwhelming – much less maintaining security and compliance. Today’s organizations need to have the right identity and access management tools readily available to manage access effectively in a policy-controlled and secure manner. That’s where integration between ServiceNow and SailPoint can help.

Seamlessly Deliver Identity and Access Services through ServiceNow

Integrating SailPoint with ServiceNow makes access to key services even more convenient – not to mention secure and compliant – by adding industry-leading identity and access management capabilities. SailPoint offers ServiceNow customers a unique combination of consumer-level convenience and enterprise security for managing user access. It provides users with self-service access request and provisioning options while at the same time strengthening security and compliance through integrated audit controls and governance.

By bringing these capabilities to the ServiceNow platform, SailPoint makes it easier for organizations to deliver all the services users need through one common solution – and also enables them to apply all the right controls to make sure user access always remains compliant and secure. To learn more about the key benefits of integrating SailPoint with ServiceNow, download our ServiceNow Solution Brief.