The Power of Innovation: SailPoint Awarded Second Patent

Imagine you’re out on a sales call in a far away city. You work for a financial services firm and you’re about to sign up a major new client. You flip open your shiny new Windows 10 laptop to access the carefully prepared charts and spreadsheets and applications that will surely win over your prospect. When you go to log in – your password doesn’t work. Sure you changed it at the office right before you left, but it isn’t working now and the only way to unlock it is to find your nearest FedEx and ship it back to company headquarters to have IT reset it for you.

Although this scenario may sound archaic in today’s digital business world, it’s actually how things work, particularly those working for large corporations, financial organizations and government agencies. They can’t reset their passwords without either having a second local admin account on the machine (seen by many as a security issue) or by physically sending the device back to base so it can be placed on the corporate network and reset from the domain.

This is where our latest patent comes in – it has effectively solved this issue, allowing workers who are remote without access to the corporate network to quickly and securely reset their passwords.

The Patent

The patent, authored by SailPoint Labs Principal Technologist Nick Wellinghoff, is titled ‘System and Method for Domain Password Reset in a Secured Distributed Network Environment.’ This patent award is another example of our commitment to innovation and customer service here at SailPoint. We knew this was a problem that needed to be fixed, and after getting many requests from customers and prospects, we took on the task of making it a reality.

With this patented technology, our customers are free to work where and how they want. The new capabilities this technology provides frees IT from having to run the gauntlet of insecure and logistically tiresome reset methods in use today. Never again should an IT admin have to receive a laptop from a remote employee, reset a password and ship it back – no one should have to do that in 2017!

At SailPoint we strive to deliver technology that provides a balance between security and convenience; improved security for IT and an enhanced overall experience for the end user. So many organizations find themselves struggling to allow business convenient access the corporate resources they need to do their job, while still having the assurance that the corporate applications and data is truly locked down. This patented technology helps us overlay the enhanced controls and policies that provide increased IT security, while giving the user something back in return – a much better service.

SailPoint Labs

What you may not realize is that this patent and this technology is not a one-off initiative. It was delivered as part of something we call SailPoint Labs, an ongoing research and innovation function that helps support our product and technology strategy.  SailPoint Labs was the incubator for the concept that we now call the ‘plugin framework’ – now part of the IdentityIQ 7.1 platform. SailPoint Labs adds the dedicated research resources needed to deliver on our core value of innovation. This allows our ever-growing community of SailPoint experts to reap the benefits of the cool new ideas and early technology that comes out of this group.

We’re proud of our new patent award.  Kudos to Nick, the Labs team and to all of the smart, dedicated and talented engineering staff at SailPoint. This is not the last you’ll see from this patent though as the first of several versions of this technology are soon to be found in our products and services – stay tuned.