Innovation: Delivering Unique Value to Our Customers

As a startup, innovation is second nature. It’s the essence of the business, and it’s exactly what we set out to do when we first created SailPoint more than ten years ago. We began with a promise to deliver innovation to our customers as part of our core values. But just because we’ve now become a leader in the market, doesn’t mean innovation can now take a back seat. In fact, this core value is more important than ever as we look toward the company’s future.

When we first set out to create a new company, we conducted extensive research, including countless phone calls to potential enterprise customers, to find out what challenges they were facing. We wanted to know the real needs in the market, and then we set out to create a solution to address those challenges. What we learned was that identity was key, and it wasn’t being managed effectively.

We recognized the potential of the power of identity and endeavored to take it beyond simple access to the more robust, unique perspective of governance. Unsurprisingly, this innovation was soon followed by others in the market, and we’ve been driving new advancements in the identity space ever since.

Now that we’ve invested over a decade in the identity governance market, we have a large base of satisfied customers who have grown accustomed to SailPoint’s track record of industry-leading innovation. They expect us to continue to innovate not only within our existing offerings, but also beyond, to solve broader and more challenging problems.

This is the essence of SailPoint’s core value of innovation. We deliver unique, compelling value to our customers and partners, with the end goal of having a significant, positive impact on their bottom line. At the end of the day, their success breeds our success. We know that our identity platform can help them harness the Power of Identity, and when they are able to do this, we all win. But in order to honor this core value, we must continue to be visionaries in the market, relentlessly pursing our passion for identity.

Now that we’ve established ourselves as the undisputed leader in the identity governance market, our challenge is to continue to drive innovation within our current solutions, while also anticipating the future needs of our customers, as their environments and demands continue to evolve. One of the ways we do this is by keeping in close communication with our customers to find out what emerging identity challenges they’re facing, as well as what they see in their future.

We’re continually pursuing internal innovations to push the envelope in identity, especially as we contemplate the future of the market and the growing importance of things like identity analytics, or understanding and predicting human behavior as it relates to identity.

Another way we pursue innovation is by taking a holistic look at the broader security and identity landscape, including adjacent solutions that might be a fit for our identity platform. For instance, there has been an explosion in unstructured data, with 80% of corporate data being unstructured (e.g. SharePoint and DropBox) as the enterprise continues to adapt to the changes in workforce and technology. We anticipated this trend, as did industry analysts like Gartner, and as a result, we made the decision to acquire a data access governance solution, SecurityIQ, to address this market need.

As we continue to evaluate both our platform and the larger market, we will pursue a blend of innovating around our existing solutions and developing entirely new approaches to emerging challenges, as we continue to meet the identity needs of our customers. The future of SailPoint is bright, and our team remains committed to our core value of innovation.  We’re invigorated by the potential to deliver on our mission: helping our customers leverage the Power of Identity.

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for Mark’s insight into how SailPoint’s core values have evolved in the decade since the company was founded. We’ll be rolling them out on our blog in the weeks to come! See part one here.