Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation: SailPoint “Consumerizes” IdentityIQ

Since our inception, SailPoint has been committed to delivering innovation in the IdM market. We were the first to introduce an IdM solution that enabled a collaborative relationship between the business and IT. We were the first to extend that business-friendly approach to the very complex and technical provisioning processes. And this week, we were the first to fully “consumerize” the IdM user experience.

The consumerization of IT continues. That is, the line between personal computing and business computing grows increasingly blurry – and with it, the distinction between the requirements for each blurs. With respect to IdM, this is particularly challenging because as we automate more and more of the business processes around IdM – from access certifications to requests for access – it’s critical for IT organizations to engage/support/nurture business users in order to be successful. Otherwise, they have an incredibly efficient, automated piece of IdM shelfware. SailPoint recognized long ago that enterprises need a highly automated, massively scalable, fully configurable, enterprise-class application that at the same time offers a gloriously simple experience for business users.

This week at the Gartner Catalyst Conference, we unveiled SailPoint IdentityIQ 6.0, which extends our commitment to innovation and continues to address the changing business requirements for IdM. In this release, we dedicated a lot of attention to “consumerizing” the user experience, adding several new features to create a more consumer-like experience for the myriad business users being asked to participate in an organization’s compliance and security efforts, including. These features include:

  • Google-like Keyword: Powerful relevance-based search and predictive analytics that allows the user to quickly pinpoint the right access privileges in order to guide them to the right roles or entitlements to request.
  • Affinity Search: Business users can now “shop” for access privileges based on what other colleagues or groups of colleagues have, in a policy-controlled and risk-aware environment.
  • Activity-centric Dashboard: Business users manage access with one-click entry into the dashboard to address access requests, password management and compliance activities and with new “visual alerts,” which highlight actions that need to be taken, including approvals, policy alerts and certification notifications. Business users can easily personalize their IdentityIQ dashboard to enhance their user experience.
  • Advanced Business Intelligence Capabilities: A new report designer with more sophisticated charting and graphing capabilities delivers business users an incredibly easy to use, customized reporting experience. Additionally, IdentityIQ 6.0 expands support for “direct connect” options to the IdentityIQ data store, which allows organizations to leverage external business intelligence tools on top of IdentityIQ’s rich data model.

We have the full product details for IdentityIQ 6.0 here and here, but if you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to ask. We think you’ll be blown away by the changes, which are definitely breaking new ground in this industry.