IdentityIQ 6.1 is Now Available

At SailPoint, we pride ourselves on responding rapidly to customer and market needs with our Identity Managment suite, which is why we’re pleased to announce that SailPoint IdentityIQ 6.1 is now available.

Following on the heels of IdentityIQ 6.0, our largest product release ever, this version continues our momentum of delivering innovative solutions to address evolving customer requirements. IdentityIQ 6.1 helps customers deliver a tailored user experience across access request and provisioning processes through the configuration of forms and workflow without complex custom-coding. The new release makes it easy to integrate IdentityIQ with a variety of enterprise and cloud-based applications with ready-to-deploy connectors. In addition, SailPoint added specific investments in IdentityIQ 6.1 that help customers looking to migrate away from outdated, legacy solutions (including Sun Identity Manager) with new features and enhancements that include:

  • Simplified Business Process Management: New data-driven workflows streamline the configuration of create/edit identity business processes. It also expands the use conditional step execution to simplify process flow within IdentityIQ.
  • Enhanced Service Management Integration: Improves synchronization of access request and provisioning processes between IdentityIQ and service catalog systems. This functionality supports integration with BMC’s Service Request Management products and ServiceNow’s cloud-based Service Catalog.
  • End user self-registration: Simplifies the onboarding of new identities, including non-employee users like contractors, partners and consumer. It provides the option to automate provisioning of “birthright” access following successful registration.
  • Electronic signatures: Strengthens audit controls to meet stringent regulatory requirement for signing and securing compliance-relevant decisions.
  • New connectors: Expands the growing catalog of SaaS connectors by adding Jive, Rally Software, and Tenrox.

If you’d like further information on SailPoint IdentityIQ, we have a Buyer’s Guide full of information to help you understand how our solution can help you meet compliance requirements and mitigate risk across your organization. To find out more about our Sun Migrations program, we have several resources to help you navigate this important decision.