You Know You’re at Risk. But Do You Know Your Identity Score?

It’s no secret that today’s organizations are at risk. But “risk” is often an all-encompassing term that leaves leaders struggling to understand how – or where – to begin addressing that risk. It’s even more difficult for in today’s digital landscape where virtually every move an organization makes implies risk.

The fact is, risk is highly contextual and dependent on a number of factors specific to each organization. And it’s not enough to realize you need to minimize your exposure to data breaches or risk of being non-compliant to regulations – you need to know where to begin, and how to systematically approach this problem.

Enter the Identity Score. SailPoint has worked with hundreds of the world’s largest, most complex organizations to identify and mitigate their risk associated with user access privileges. Based on that experience, as well as input from Identropy, who also has a lot of experience helping customers in this regard, we’ve created an assessment tool to help identify areas of exposure.

Much like a credit report, once you’ve completed the 15-minute survey, you’ll receive your overall score and specific scoring in three foundational areas: visibility and control, identity governance processes, and governing access to files.

You won’t be given your identity diagnosis and then be sent on your way. We’ll create a customized report to help you understand your score across all three areas, and provide actionable advice to fill the gaps and bolster your identity program.

To find out what your identity score is and how you can improve it, take the survey.