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Identity is Security: The Next Big Thing

It can be challenging to keep up with the ‘next big thing.’ But these days, chances are whatever that thing is, it will be a hackable addition to your life. The headlines this week show the good and the ugly that comes with the reality of our digital lives.

First up, are the can’t-live-without-them home devices. If you’re a user of Google, Roku, and Sonos devices, pay close attention. Your devices could be easily hackable, so if you’re not updating them regularly, do so. It won’t just be the data on your binge-watching marathons available to hackers. These vulnerabilities are a gateway to your home network, and once they’re in, you probably won’t immediately know they’re making out like bandits with your data. Even if they aren’t trying to clean house, another hack might mean they are freeloading off your Netflix account.

Also on the home front: are your kids playing Fortnite? Cybercriminals are capitalizing on the Fortnite craze by inserting links to YouTube videos offering a workaround to play the game on Android devices (it’s not yet available there). Instead, the link serves children and gamers malware masquerading as a Fortnite download.

All is not lost, as this week’s headlines also focused on countering these issues. Spain took a giant step forward on the cybersecurity front, announcing a new R&D center. The initiative is titled Cybercat, and brings some of the best and brightest from six Catalan universities together to analyze and understand cybersecurity issues.

If it’s not the experts who will save us from all the cyber madness, then maybe it will be the children. The world is finally beginning to tap into the fountain of talent that lies in our younger generations. As they cyber skills gap grows and the number of threats outrun that gap, these programs that teach children about cybersecurity are a welcome intervention in an otherwise unsecure world. Our future depends on it. (And frankly, this is a better use of our kids’ time than an addictive game.)

Until next week, stay secure!