Identity Gives Australia’s Largest Life Insurer the Power to Protect

This week, I’ll be in Australia for our inaugural iD Live event – this is a new community event intended to bring leading identity professionals together to discuss their greatest identity governance challenges. As part of that event, I’ll be speaking alongside one of our Australian clients, TAL. What follows is an overview of their initial identity governance journey with SailPoint.

TAL is the largest life insurer in Australia. Their mission is to protect the futures of their customers’ families, a customer base which now spans more than 3.7 million Australians. TAL stands behind a fierce commitment to protecting people, not things.

TAL has always been extremely diligent in protecting the sensitive information about their customers, but a digital transformation journey that commenced three years ago presented some new challenges. TAL was looking for a way to streamline their onboarding/off-boarding processes while providing much stronger control over access, and the ability to proactively address regulatory compliance.

Enter: SailPoint IdentityIQ.

For TAL, their main goal is twofold: Reducing time and effort required to manage access controls for internal workforce and ensuring proactive compliance. TAL turned to SailPoint to make sure that their user populations are given the right access, to the right applications at the right time, securely and confidently. TAL also has plans to strengthen their compliance stance: proving that the appropriate IT controls are in place at all times.

TAL’s initial identity implementation was no small feat – with more than 1800 identities spanning employees, contractors, third-parties and vendors, and coverage of over 200 applications, the first step was to sort through each user and to associate their role within the company to a job profile. TAL is using Workday as their source of truth for each identity, aligning each employee to the appropriate job profile.

Sharing onboarding/off-boarding reports at a moment’s notice is a main focus of the project, and will significantly improve TAL’s ability to prove its compliance. Next, TAL plans to extend its SailPoint implementation to access certifications in order to proactively respond to compliance requirements

While TAL’s project continues to evolve, the organization has already realized strong business benefits and tangible results. The time and effort to onboard and off-board employees and manage “mover” changes within the organization have gone down markedly. TAL’s internal net promoter score, as well as its employee engagement score, is also expected to improve now that employees can be productive on their first day.

With SailPoint, TAL can confidently move their business forward, focusing on what they do best – protecting the families of Australians across the country – securely and confidently. Atul Sood, general manager of architecture for TAL, says that a big ‘win’ for him is “being able to sleep at night, knowing that I have all the IT controls in place to make a swift change in user access as needed if something shifts in our workforce.”