Identity for Everyone

Today, identity means more than just the clothes that you wear or the music that you listen to. If you are on the internet or have a job, you have a digital identity that reflects who you are, where you work and what is important to you. Today, that digital identity extends to the company you work for. With the volume of people accessing dozens of tools to do their work day in and day out, identity is the glue that holds the technology we use together in a secure way.

As an identity company, we are in the business of securing and governing the digital identities of millions of people working at more than a thousand enterprises across the globe. What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means we keep you safe as you access and use the many applications and data that keep you productive on the job, without slowing you down or sacrificing the security of the company who employs you in the process.

To help serve our customers and prospects better, I am thrilled to announce we have expanded our content on the website and made a few changes that will allow each of you to better navigate our website as you look for ways we can help you along every step of your identity journey with us – from those of you starting from the very beginning who may need some guidance on how to get started, to those of you who may be in the middle of your journey and are ready to take your program to the next level with us.

Like choosing a favorite child, I cannot possibly choose a favorite section, but perhaps one of the most exciting additions is our Identity For menu, which allows you to explore identity information based on your business needs. Now, you can easily see exactly how identity can solve some of your most pressing business needs without having to do a lot of surfing to find it. Ultimately, we are providing more resources that show identity in action with the applications, data, cloud infrastructure and industries our customers and future customers care about.

This is just one more way we are working to help each of you take your identity journey even further with SailPoint. Make yourself at home and take a look around at the new Welcome to the future of identity.