Identity CheckUP: Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Just like an annual checkup with your doctor keeps you in tune with how your personal health is doing, an annual Identity CheckUP is one of the best ways you can make sure your SailPoint deployment is running at its best.  That’s why an Identity CheckUP is one of the most popular offerings from our Expert Services team.

 An Identity CheckUP can help your Identity Management program get and stay healthy in many different ways.

  • Prevent Health Problems in your implementation.  Our experienced consultants will run a series of proprietary diagnostic tests that we have perfected over our years of experience with this offering to identify the most important areas to focus on during the CheckUP. 
  • Establish Baselines for how your environment is performing.  This helps us more quickly identify in subsequent reviews if there has been a major shift in the way the product is being used and can help identify potential issues before they become big problems.
  • Update Vaccinations.  One of the things our consultants look for is how you can benefit from new patches and product releases.  As the identity marketplace continues to shift, SailPoint’s products evolve to meet those ever-changing needs in the identity space.  One of the many reasons SailPoint has maintained a dominant position in the Identity market year after is year is our ability to see where clients will need enhancements and improvements and quickly pivoting to meet those needs.  As part of the Identity CheckUP report, we will highlight what features will benefit you the most by upgrading to newer releases.
  • Review your prescriptions.  As your deployment expands and changes, your action plan from last year may not be the right thing to focus on this year.  Our consultants will help you identify those areas that you should continue to monitor and any new areas that you may want to consider as your objectives change over time.
  • Strengthen the relationship between your team and SailPoint.  At the end of an Identity CheckUP, SailPoint will have a better feel for what you and your team are trying to achieve as well as challenges you are facing.  This helps us better meet your needs as we work alongside you and as we further develop our products with our customers’ critical business objectives in mind.

 Long-time customer Raymond James & Associates had this to say about their experience:

“We had our IdentityIQ health check immediately following a major upgrade of our environment.  It was an invaluable service that assisted us with optimizing our servers performance and security.  It also helped us clean up some lingering data issues that we wouldn’t have otherwise found.  Mike Klug, our lead consultant, was very efficient and extremely knowledgeable with the product.  I believe a health check is an important service for any organization.” –Mike Talaska, Senior Systems Engineer, Raymond James & Associates

Let the SailPoint Professional Services team work with you to perform an Identity CheckUP on your implementation, highlight areas that could use some TLC, and put together a get-fit plan so you are on your way to a healthy IAM program.  Make your appointment today by contacting your Customer Success Manager or reaching out to

 Want more information before scheduling?  Check out what a sample Identity CheckUP looks like here or read more about the details of this offering here.