Webinar: Enterprise IDaaS: A Roadmap for the Future

Cloud computing has changed IAM in two fundamental ways. First, it has created new management challenges as enterprises must handle more application workloads in the cloud and deal with the cross-domain management challenges of hybrid IT environments. Second, the growing acceptance of cloud-based management tools has opened up a world of possibilities for delivering IAM-as-a-service (IDaaS), an approach that can increase business agility, speed time to value, and reduce operating costs.

At SailPoint, we are paving the way with solutions that both manage the cloud and take advantage of the cloud as a new delivery platform for our IAM services. Read on for more details.

Attend this webinar to learn about SailPoint’s IDaaS strategy, including our new IdentityNow solution, and, we’ll explore these important questions:

• How is SaaS changing the IAM market, and what will the next few years look like?

• What is enterprise-grade IDaaS?

• Is your organization better suited for on-premises IAM or IDaaS?

• How can you future proof your IAM investment if you’re not ready for IDaaS yet?


• Kevin Cunningham, President & Founder, SailPoint

• Paul Trulove, VP Product Marketing, SailPoint