Feet on the Street: Gartner IAM Summit UK: IAM Is in the People Business

Our SailPoint crew recently gathered at the Gartner IAM Summit in London, which is always an excellent opportunity for our team to meet with a wide range of analysts, partners, and customers for lively interaction about the current state of IAM on an international scale.

One topic that was clearly top of mind this year, and a strong focus of the keynote session, was the ability to enable to the business through the IAM processes within the enterprise – a critical element to any IAM project’s success. This is a topic that we have long been a proponent of, but one that is finally starting to resonate with a broader audience.

The IAM market has long been challenged with how to best bring the business into the IAM fold because it has traditionally been an IT-focused discipline. But, as we all know, IAM truly is about people and business processes – and not just “joiners and leavers.” We see a lot of headway being made across the space in this realm as more and more vendors are starting to offer interfaces that give the business users the functionality they need in the modern age of IAM.

For example, we have been hearing repeatedly that our latest updates to the user interface in IdentityIQ provides a user experience as simple and easy to use as a consumer application. It meets today’s business users needs with functionality like Google-like keyword search and affinity-based search options as well as a shopping cart and check out process that mimics an intuitive e-commerce interface.

This type of user experience is key to ensuring organizations get active, ongoing, participation by business users from the beginning of a project, which, ultimately accelerates ROI, while reducing IT risk and meeting stricter compliance requirements. As IAM tools continue to evolve to more closely mirror the user experience that consumer-focused technologies provide, it will be even easier for organizations to achieve widespread participation from business users inside and outside of the enterprise.