SailPoint Integrates IAM and MDM

In previous blog posts, we discussed the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace and the challenges this creates for managing access. As mobile access to cloud applications and “bring your own device” (BYOD) become more common, organizations are losing visibility and control – over the network and the endpoint device accessing the network. Global enterprises must now reconcile how to control access and meet security and compliance demands in a world where employees can access corporate assets in the cloud from their own personal devices – never touching the corporate IT infrastructure.

To address BYOD, many companies have turned to mobile device management (MDM) solutions. MDM solutions enable the remote management of mobile devices, performing tasks such encrypting data on devices, controlling application downloads, ensuring devices are free of malware, and selectively wiping content on devices when needed. This is a good first step, but MDM solutions alone can’t address the full range of BYOD risks. Viewed holistically, what is required is the integration of MDM with IAM. This approach extends the end-to-end visibility and control of enterprise IAM out to mobile endpoints.

Putting these ideas into action, SailPoint recently announced packaged integration of our IdentityIQ solution with three of the leading MDM solutions – AirWatch Enterprise Mobile Management, Good Secure Mobility Solution and MobileIron Advanced Mobile Management. These integration options will be included in IdentityIQ 6.2, which will be available in November. IdentityIQ’s MDM integration enables enterprises to seamlessly manage mobile devices in the context of enterprise identity and access processes and controls. By linking MDM capabilities with corporate IAM policies and processes for authentication, user onboarding and offboarding, policy enforcement and compliance and audit reporting, the integrated solution gives security teams the centralized visibility and control they need to better protect corporate assets – no matter where or how the access occurs. (You can read more about our MDM integration in our press release.)

We believe integrating IAM and MDM is a huge step toward helping our customers to better address BYOD risks and regaining control of user access to sensitive applications, regardless of where or how those applications are accessed. And importantly, we believe the intersection of identity and MDM provides customers significant operational efficiencies in how they govern, enforce policy, and grant, change and remove mobile access – bringing greater employee satisfaction as well as reduced IT headaches and costs.

Stay tuned for more details about IdentityIQ 6.2 in future blogs.