Humans are the New Firewall

As we’ve stated time and time again, humans are the new security perimeter. Data is no longer locked into the four walls of the enterprise. While BYOD and distributed workforces bring many advantages to the business, especially on a global scale, it also introduces exposure points that did not exist in purely hard-wired enterprises. It didn’t shock us to learn in SailPoint’s Annual Market Pulse Survey that 77% of respondents consider their employees and contractors one of their greatest risks.

How Identity Helps

There is certainly a level of fatigue happening in enterprises when it comes to figuring out how to manage all of the moving pieces that come with a more mobile workforce. With identity, companies can put preventative and detective controls in place that control user access across the enterprise, regardless of where or how an application or system is accessed. By putting down the foundation of visibility required to allow users to work the way they want, the business can have the benefits of BYOD while supplying the connections and control to manage shadow IT. Seamless collaboration without sacrificing security is the goal, and identity is the medium that makes it possible.