Hitting the Company Performance Trifecta

SailPoint, like most companies, is constantly focused on the trifecta of company performance metrics – high growth, strong profitability and scale. It’s one thing to be focused on them; it’s another to execute successfully and deliver on these factors in combination. It’s easy to be successful in two out of three. It’s really hard to hit the trifecta.

That’s what we’re most proud of today as we announced our 2016 financial and market momentum. To summarize the news, we closed 2016 with our 13th consecutive quarter of profitability, surpassing $130 million in revenue. This means we reached our goal of profitably achieving over 30 percent top line growth, while scaling the company by adding 220+ new enterprise customers and increasing our employee-base by nearly 20 percent.

A Company Built to Last

Amidst a market environment where volatility is still a concern for investors, customers and employees alike, our formula for hitting the trifecta is simple: continuing to balance company performance with what we do best: helping our customers to develop successful and scalable identity governance programs.

How are we executing on this formula? It comes back to the principles we’ve followed since Kevin Cunningham and I founded SailPoint 11 years ago, allowing us to build a sustainable business:

  • Focus on solving real customer problems, specifically those in the realm of identity and access management, which has become the fastest growing spending priority within security according to Piper Jaffray’s 2017 CIO Survey;
  • Prioritize people, remain flexible and ground all decisions in operational discipline;
  • Build a culture that encourages teamwork, creating an environment where people feel appreciated and are “treated like adults,” all while having a great time at work
  • Define and stay true to our values, which guide every decision we make, the way we treat our customers and employees, and how we build products and services.

There is now a global recognition that managing identity must take center stage as part of enterprise IT security infrastructure. We’re seeing incredible demand for our identity governance and data access governance solutions as a result, and expect that demand to accelerate in 2017. In fact, when we engage in conversations with market stakeholders, and are asked why this is happening, we simply respond that more companies than ever understand the importance of identity governance, an IAM category we pioneered and have led for many years.

With our foundational principles in place (especially operational discipline and a relentless focus on customer success), we’ve established clear market leadership and captured a large portion of the demand, while scaling the business profitability.

Kevin and I are often asked, “What’s next for SailPoint?” We’re grateful to be in a position where there is a clear opportunity to drive the same level of growth for many years to come. Whatever lies ahead for SailPoint, we’ll continue to be focused on working with our extensive network of partners to build valuable solutions for our customers, which will ultimately ensure that we’ve created a company with staying power. We couldn’t be more proud of our team, and our membership in the very select club of “Trifecta” companies.