Identity Management for Healthcare: Protecting Patient Data and Managing the Escalating Compliance Mandates

Healthcare providers are under increasing scrutiny around how they protect and secure access to patients’ private healthcare information. As electronic healthcare records (EHR) become more pervasive, there’s more and more need to actively manage access to patient data. This can be particularly daunting in large, multi-faceted provider organizations where individual users have multiple roles – from doctor to student to clinical researcher. It’s nearly impossible for providers to keep track of user access and ensure that each individual has access to the proper systems to perform a specific function within the organization.

As recent changes to HIPAA/HITECH legislation
have heightened regulatory requirements, healthcare organizations face significant challenges. Issues include the relatively manual nature of identity management systems and controls, as well as the constant user churn across a wide variety of enterprise IT systems. Even the most basic identity compliance requirements – such as periodically certifying user access – can be almost impossible to execute with a high level of accuracy. That goes double for manually detecting and enforcing policy violations across multiple user personas in a very large healthcare provider organization.

SailPoint Stops Identity Management Ills in Their Tracks

SailPoint is already addressing the challenges of one of America’s top 10 integrated healthcare delivery networks and one of the nation’s largest multi-specialty group practice systems. SailPoint has also helped secure one of the most comprehensive electronic medical record systems in the nation.

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to learn how this fast-growing healthcare organization handles sensitive patient information and protects patient privacy while increasing the effectiveness of its regulatory compliance processes for HIPAA, HITECH, Meaningful Use, and PCI – all with the implementation of SailPoint IdentityIQ.

With SailPoint, this healthcare provider now has the visibility and control required to effectively meet security, compliance and privacy requirements while also maximizing operational efficiency and cutting costs. Learn more about our healthcare solutions here.