Governing Access to Epic: An Integrated Approach

Electronic health record (EHR) systems are the heart of hospital operations. Now more than ever, managing user access to these systems is critical to security and regulatory compliance requirements, including HIPAA. Therefore, the EHR system is one of the most important systems to incorporate into a comprehensive identity governance program. It enables healthcare organizations to optimize clinical workflows for speed, security, and provides convenience.

SailPoint is the leading identity governance solution for healthcare organizations large and small. As part of our continued commitment to this market, we are now providing advanced integration to Epic. SailPoint’s new IdentityIQ Integration Module for Epic expands coverage to Epic systems—allowing it to be part of a unified and comprehensive approach to governing access. It delivers process automation that leads to greater efficiency for provider provisioning teams. It further reduces errors in granting access to care givers and others who interact with health data. In addition, the solution minimizes interruptions to hospital operations and promotes strong workflow for providing care while maintaining reasonable freedom of access to healthcare data.

Key features of this technology include the following:

  • Out-of-the-box integration module – Enables rapid integration with Epic systems and minimizes connector deployment time and services costs.
  • Streamlines data aggregation – Automatically pulls users, accounts and entitlements from Epic and correlates them with the users in the IdentityIQ identity warehouse.
  • Automates account changes – Orchestrates change requests to Epic based on compliance and provisioning events triggered within IdentityIQ.

If you’re an Epic EHR user, and would like to learn more about the IdentityIQ Integration Module for Epic, Implementing a Governance Based Approach to Healthcare and read the press announcement.