Global Producer and Distributor Leverages SailPoint IdentityIQ and SecurityIQ

At our recent Navigate ’17, we had the pleasure of hearing several of our customers present their identity strategies. Hearing directly from our customers is my favorite part of the event. One session, with a global company focused on international production and distribution of agricultural products, stood out because of how they’re extending their IdentityIQ integration to include unstructured data with SecurityIQ.

The customer (who asked not to be named) operates in 70 countries and employs more than 150,000 people. While this company is private, they are working to more closely align with enterprise regulatory compliance standards to better mitigate the risk of data breaches. Building an identity program for a complex organization such as this is no small feat – but it’s a strategic program they’ve embraced, and they continue to push the boundaries of identity governance.

This organization’s initial jump into identity management proved to be far too customized, costly and difficult to implement and support. They took a step back, reflected on their project, and mapped out what they wanted to achieve with their identity program. As a result, they realized that to build a successful, and scalable identity governance program, they needed their IT staff and the business users working together from day one. They also clearly defined four goals for the identity program: reduce technology debt, enhance go-to-market capabilities, fully integrate IT with business processes, and pursue third-party managed services.

They made the decision to invest in SailPoint, and embarked on a new push for identity governance. In addition to IdentityIQ, they made the strategic decision to include SecurityIQ early-on to provide visibility and to assist in managing and safeguarding sensitive data living in unstructured data files across the enterprise.

They tackled password management and access request first, improving certain areas and expanding capabilities that were lacking or non-existent. The customer is managing over 150,000 identities, over 20,000 roles, 800,000 entitlements and about 600 business applications. Importantly, the customer reports that the processes they built, such as onboarding apps and assigning roles, are now repeatable and scalable.

With its sophisticated identity governance program in place, this customer is enjoying increased productivity, improved security and automated compliance. But what puts them a step-ahead of many in their industry is their recognition that the identity governance strategy needs to include unstructured data, which is estimated to account for 80% of corporate data. The biggest risk with unstructured data is the massive lack of visibility and the resulting lack of control.

Our customers’ goal was to take a proactive approach by implementing alerts, self-service audits and activity measures, rather than reacting after an issue had already occurred. To the same effect, they wanted to drive compliance initiatives by digging into the data from customized reports to show the issues instead of having compliance drive what they think the access issues are. They knew they needed to better govern the access to their data in order to protect it, but truthfully, it wasn’t until after they implemented SecurityIQ that they realized just how serious their unstructured data problem had been.

With SecurityIQ, they are now tracking unstructured data activity across applications including Active Directory domains, Windows File Servers, NetApp and SharePoint sites from over 60 million folders. They average 10 million events daily and receive daily event reporting and alerts for unauthorized changes within the organization. Implementing SailPoint has increased the efficiency of the IT team, and provided the necessary visibility into and control over their unstructured data.

This organization clearly views identity governance as an ongoing, strategic program, and plans to continue expanding its role across the organization. They’re already looking at managing contract works and broadening the scope of applications governed. By aligning the business needs to the core capabilities of IdentityIQ and SecurityIQ, they’ve experienced an increase in productivity leveraging the power of these solutions. Most importantly, their security posture has drastically improved by gaining visibility and control of their unstructured data.

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