Navigate Virtual: Geek Out on All Things Identity

As the old saying goes, give a person a fish, feed them for a day; teach one to fish, and feed them for a lifetime. At our Navigate Virtual conference, we are committed to not only showing you what a strong identity management program looks like; we also want to educate you on all things identity to support your security efforts for years to come. Although we will not be able to be in person, we are committed to empowering our attendees through a rich content agenda. Following Navigate Virtual, Navigators will be bursting at the seams with ideas, skills, and new connections.  

If the name did not already give it away, fueled by technology, the Navigate of today’s world is 100% virtual. You can access the conference from the start date (August 27) for several months anytime and anywhere. Since I began at SailPoint, I always said Navigate was my favorite time of year, and this year is no exception. I find it quite exciting that people from all over the world—our customers, partners, and evangelists—will connect in one setting thanks to our digital hub and will continue to learn all things identity long after the conference is over thanks to the 24/7 access. While learning how to phish is not the agenda, learning how to stop it is.

Big Fish: You Can Not Miss Our Keynotes

Navigate is one of the largest gatherings devoted entirely to identity management. Each Navigator will walk away with an understanding of how to manage their new permanent reality, with identity governance as the foundation of it all. And to lay the Navigate Virtual foundation, here are this year’s keynotes—a diverse range of musings on overcoming obstacles from 2020 to fighting sharks with Julia Child. When we say different, we mean it. A chef and sharks? You have to hear it to believe it.

Mark McClain, our fearless CEO, will kick off the conference with his keynote, Identity Governance is Business Essential. In this keynote, hear why identity is more important than ever to CIOs and CISOs worldwide.

Grady Summers, who recently joined SailPoint as our EVP of Technology and Solutions, and Paul Trulove, our Chief Product Officer, will contribute to the lineup with the keynote, Technology, and Solutions, Human-Centric Security for a Digital World. Learn how to stay ahead of the curve by embracing all things AI and identity.

Lori Robinson and Mike Kiser, our enlightening strategist and evangelist respectively, will round out our keynotes with Fighting Sharks with Julia Child. I will let the final keynote speak for itself. You will have to join to see what this about. Trust me; this powerful duo will surprise you.

Off the Hook Product Announcements

We hope that each attendee comes away from Navigate Virtual with a clearer picture of how identity can speed their organization forward, securely, efficiently, and autonomously. SailPoint Predictive Identity™ is the next-generation of identity that enterprises require to secure today’s digital workforce. In May we focus our releases on helping you, our customers, get virtual and stay secure with our Slack and Zoom integration and to help you secure non-employee lifecycle management. At Navigate, we will announce further features that are focused on adjusting to our new work environment and helping you stay secure in a virtual world.

Hooked on Jam-Packed Sessions

Our goal with Navigate Virtual is to provide a forum for important conversations among identity practitioners and newcomers alike. The pandemic forced enterprises to shift to a virtual workforce this year quickly and became the most compelling real-world example of why identity management is business essential to enterprises. Here are a few sessions I am looking forward to (there are many more fantastic sessions, over 100 hours in fact, but for time’s sake I will pick three.)

Secure an Expanding Remote Workforce with Zero Trust—another new addition to the SailPoint crew, CTO and SVP of Engineering, Asanka Jayasuriya will discuss the bright side and the dark side of the digital transformation. Along with Frank Briguglio, SailPoint’s Technology Strategist, the two will go through the most effective ways to maintain security and compliance in this increasingly complex and heterogeneous environment—all in the name of protecting an individual’s identity. It truly takes a village.

Microsoft Fireside ChatSailPoint CRO Matt Mills and Microsoft’s President of US Enterprise Business Matt Renner will discuss the importance of identity in today’s new world and how the SailPoint and Microsoft partnership is solving the complex security and compliance needs of enterprises.

Here are other samplings of sessions at Navigate:

And finally, Navigate would not be the same without our Women in Identity panel, in its fifth year.  Meredith Blanchar, our SVP of Customer Support and Success, will moderate a conversation with a group of outstanding women sharing their journey (personal and professional). Panelists include Michelle Tucker, VP of Security, Identity Governance, The Huntington National Bank, Avion Rhoden, SailPoint Senior Manager of IT Fin Systems; Lori Robinson, SailPoint Sr. Director of Product and Market Strategy; Caroline Lawson, SailPoint Field CTO, UK. And by the way,  all genders are welcome to this session.

It is not too late. Register for Navigate Virtual here. For those planning to follow the event on Twitter, the official hashtag is #SPNav20.

Cheers to the future!