Video: SCIM is an Important Standard: Learn Why in Just 5 Minutes

Standards are critical to ensuring the success of future IAM programs across the enterprise, but with so many options in the industry, a lot of confusion exists as to which one delivers the most value.  At this year’s Gartner Catalyst conference in San Diego, Ian Glazer hosted an “Identity Smackdown” to discuss which IAM standard should be on everyone’s mind. The panel was designed to give each standard – SAML, OAuth, SCIM, XACML and OpenID Connect – five minutes of airtime to highlight why it’s the best to put to use doing real IAM work.

SailPoint’s own Kelly Grizzle represented SCIM, and made such a strong argument for the emerging standard that it won the smackdown (okay, technically it tied with SAML, but a win is a win!).

We thought Kelly made a compelling case about SCIM’s importance in addressing IAM in the cloud, and wanted to make sure anyone who missed the session could hear it. Check it out:

SCIM Smackdown Presentation from SailPoint on Vimeo.