Feet on the Street: Thinking Ahead at Gartner Catalyst

We’ve just wrapped up a great 3 days at the Gartner Catalyst conference in San Diego, and I wanted to put down a few words about an IAM session that I thought was very notable and thought-provoking.

On day one of the event, Gartner track lead Ian Glazer hosted a session titled “Join, Move, Leave: Implications of the Modern Identity Life Cycle.” In it he posed the question, “How can identity professionals be prepared for and better adapt to the modern era?” By modern era, Ian was specifically referring to the explosion of applications, users, devices, and subdomains that exist outside of the “core enterprise IAM domain” that has been the traditional focus of most IAM professionals.

In this modern IAM era, Ian foresees the creation of a new IAM space that he jokingly referred to as “FedUpProvIAG.” FedUpProvIAG is the merging of Federation, User Provisioning and IAG to create a single-stream solution. Of course the name was a bit of fun, but the value of what he was suggesting most certainly was not. Ian was calling for the unification of user experience-driven flows across Federation, Provisioning and IAG – to create unified administrative controls that span runtime access and administration-time provisioning. And he wasn’t talking about old-world IAM suites that have “sold” across this divide forever with standalone solutions; he was talking about real integration. He was calling for actual shared policy and controls. He was asking for common attributes with built-in verification and integrity; he wanted visibility and control that covered both “streams” of IAM.

Along with debuting the new FedUpProvIAG category, Ian provided some special color and some excellent tweet-able quotes too. When he said “WAM experts, have you hugged a user provisioning person today?” the guy sitting next to me looked at me nervously. And when Ian called out “Mind the gap between federation and provisioning,” people started looking around for a London tube to come rushing by.

But seriously, as is often the case, we at SailPoint find ourselves very much in agreement with Ian’s thoughts on this matter. We’ve been busy innovating in this area for some time, building out new technology and solutions that offer exactly the “bridge” between administration and the access runtime that Ian was referring to. We’ve been driving IAG into core IAM process for several years now and have built out a true next-generation IAM suite that fully integrates access management, provisioning, and IAG – pretty much right down the line Ian has drawn for us. So technically, I’d say we’re delivering FedUpProvIAG today. I’ll try and convince the SailPoint marketing team that the new name works. But if you know our marketing team, you know that probably isn’t happening. ☺

Anyway, thanks to Ian and the Gartner team for another great event. Keep the insight and humor flowing.