Friday Quick-Take: Unlocking Innovation with Identity Governance

Attacks against today’s enterprise are no longer “off the shelf” exploitations. They are well-funded, thoroughly researched and highly customized for their intended targets. They take advantage of the billions of exposure points opened up by today’s borderless infrastructure. They use more attacks launched more frequently to overwhelm and confuse. They target the weakest link, the users. And these attacks are incredibly successful. There is simply no good way to keep up – a fact that is forcing CIOs and organizations to think more strategically about how they respond to these threats.

Today’s security and IT teams must be much more proactive in their threat response strategy. They can’t research and respond to everything, so they must focus on the attacks that pose the biggest threat to the business. How do you identify the biggest threat? How do you go from reacting to preventing when every breach has the potential to be catastrophic? More importantly, how do you do so without sacrificing innovation?

We have uncovered the answers to these questions and beyond, which you can find in our solution brief, Unlocking Innovation with Identity Governance.