Friday Quick-Take: Identity Up in the Clouds

The new enterprise is the cloud enterprise. More valuable and effective cloud apps are being released every day, and with them, enterprises today are able to be more agile. Cloud applications have an overall lower cost of ownership, are quicker to deploy and implement and easier to maintain. So, it’s no surprise that research from IDC forecasts that by 2019, enterprises will be spending more than $141 billion annually on cloud services.

But with any new technologies, there are complications. Many enterprises are facing challenges with running a hybrid environment – utilizing both on-premises and cloud applications – and most importantly, securing their users’ access to all these apps. Some mission-critical applications for organizations may need to stay on-premises, perhaps for years, as they are too entangled in important business processes. But as “cloud-first” organizations grow in volume and more organizations decide to go this route, traditional methods of keeping access to sensitive information fall short.

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