Friday Quick-Take: Delivering Innovative Security in the Cloud

In today’s modern enterprise, security and identity management are inextricably linked. For security teams, identity management provides a critical foundation for basic security practices. For identity teams, security is a critical solution element to ensuring the integrity of those valuable identities. Adoption of cloud-based enterprise solutions has changed the dynamics for both security and identity management, and enterprises must consider both when looking to move to the cloud.

SailPoint is an innovator in identity management, providing enterprise-class identity governance by delivering and managing user access to applications and systems that reside on-premises or in the cloud. IdentityNow is SailPoint’s multitenant cloud-based identity governance solution that delivers a unified platform for access certification, provisioning, password management and single sign-on.

Get a technical view into the security of IdentityNow and how SailPoint has taken an innovative approach to securing identity governance from the cloud by reading our new white paper, ‘Delivering Innovative Security in the Cloud.’