Friday Quick-Take: Compliance or Agility, Why Not Both?

The increasing number of disclosed security breaches has recently shifted the public’s attention away from compliance. While no longer a hot topic in the news, compliance is still a major focus for enterprises. However, most CIOs aren’t measured on how compliant the business is – their success is measured in how much value they bring to the organization. But no matter how much revenue they generate or operational savings they find, CIOs are well aware of the catastrophic fallout that can result from compliance missteps. Unfortunately, compliance often includes putting processes and controls around the same initiatives that enable companies to grow and adapt – initiatives that result in the measurable value that position CIOs for success. So how do you choose between compliance or nimbleness? And should you even have to?

Often, a choice between two options requires a compromise. The difficulty lies in either choosing to lose money to compliance violation fines (regardless of the time and resources then spent to become compliant) or improve revenue by building a business intended for growth? Identity governance helps with both.

Get the full guide on achieving compliance and agility in our solution brief, ‘Compliance or Agility? (Why Not Both?).’