SailPoint Recognized as a Leader in Identity Governance

Throughout my 20+ years in the tech industry, I’ve seen many examples of technology renaissance, where solutions that were “cutting edge” yesterday are superseded by new and innovative approaches. Market needs change. And let’s face it – we get smarter. When we founded SailPoint more than 5 years ago, we started the company based on our belief that first-generation identity management solutions were ill suited to meet current customer demands. We believed strongly that in order to successfully address security and compliance concerns, an IdM solution needed to follow a few fundamental truths:

  1. IdM is a not a set of IT processes. It is a set of business processes enabled by IT, which means business managers and users MUST be actively involved.
  2. IdM should be approached with not just productivity and efficiency in mind, but governance and risk management, as well.
  3. IdM implementations, while admittedly complex, should not take years and millions of dollars before delivering real value to the business.

Based on those principles, SailPoint set out to shake up the IdM market and deliver a new, innovative solution that delivers on these truths. The result, IdentityIQ, provides an integrated, single governance model; features intuitive dashboards and plain English for business users; and has proven over and over again that it will deliver tangible results within months, not years. Along the way, we also introduced a new market category, identity governance, and have seen several legacy-provisioning providers try to copy our approach.

Recently, Forrester Research validated that new market and our approach, positioning SailPoint as a leader in identity governance. The report, “The Forrester Wave: Role Management and Access Recertification,” states:

SailPoint’s IdentityIQ is the king of risk representation – since its inception it has had versatile support for assessing a credit-score-like risk for users and entitlements. Its user interface is one of the most customizable; the user’s splash page resembles a new portal’s intuitive layout with such features as portlets and drag-and-drop support.

After conducting an exhaustive and in-depth product analysis, SailPoint IdentityIQ scored the highest on 4 of the 6 product offering categories, as well as in customer behavior. Highlights of that analysis of IdentityIQ include:

The product has the most advanced capabilities of all other products in this Wave in risk management.

SailPoint is business-user friendly. It has beautiful dashboards.

The company’s expansion into provisioning also makes it a viable choice for enterprises looking to implement closed-loop identity compliance.

We’re thrilled with the recognition of our hard work, and invite you to read the entire report, courtesy of SailPoint, at