Feet on the Street: Security Trends at RSA Conference

This year was the 25th anniversary of RSA Conference, and more than 40,000 people descended on San Francisco to hear the latest in info security news from industry leaders. While we already pointed out that managing and securing identity was a hot topic at the show, we also noticed a few other trends that are sparking conversation among industry professionals.

  • The perimeter is melting, and the attack surface is expanding. A walk around the crowded show floor presented hundreds of different ways to address the dissolution of the traditional perimeter in today’s hybrid IT environment. This change in the market has created a fragmentation of solutions spanning different infrastructures, making it increasingly difficult for IT professionals to manage the sheer number of solutions necessary to secure their organizations.
  • Proliferation of cloud is here. While in previous years the conversation has centered on the imminent adoption of cloud technologies, it’s safe to say that cloud is here and now, even in highly regulated industries like federal and banking. These organizations, like the others before them, are adopting cloud technologies in addition to their on-premises solutions to create ease of use for both employees and consumers. And of course, these changes come with security challenges.
  • Balance of convenience and security. Whether it’s through cloud applications, file-sharing, SSO or any number of solutions created to increase ease of use for business users, security professionals are feeling the tug-of-war between providing the necessary conveniences to their users without sacrificing security in a world where new threats emerge every day.
  • Privacy is top of mind. If there was one theme that stood out at this year’s conference, it’s the connection between privacy and security. It’s no surprise this topic got so much airtime given the current headlines. Even outside the show there were demonstrators on street corners making their opinions on privacy known. One panelist called the privacy “the defining issue of the digital age.” We’ll continue to follow the debate of privacy vs. security, something that impacts all of our business and personal lives.

Being at RSA Conference gave us an inside look at the most important topics in the industry today, as well as a glance into the future of security. The sheer volume of noise being broadcast to IT professionals is overwhelming, and as a vendor, our biggest takeaway from RSA Conference is that security professionals need help clearing the cutter. With so many vendors offering different approaches to security problems, we will continue to provide clear, trusted advice on managing and governing identity in the enterprise.