Feet on the Street: Cloud Identity Summit

Last week, the SailPoint crew was in Napa to visit with customers and enjoy fine wine at the Cloud Identity Summit. The week-long event is definitely one of the more laid back events in the IAM space, which helps feed a lot of great conversations with end users and peers in the industry. This year was no different!

The conference has “cloud” in its title, so clearly that was on everyone’s mind. But it’s always interesting to speak with end users to find out where the rubber meets the road. Overall, people seemed excited about the possibilities of cloud computing and the opportunities it creates for IAM. At the same time, though, there’s a growing level of concern within IT organizations about how to manage the SaaS applications with an eye toward security and compliance, particularly when many SaaS apps are bought and deployed without involving IT. And, while the IT security folks are taking a cautious approach to SaaS, especially IAM-as-a-Service (IDaaS), they are interested in engaging to help make it a viable option at the enterprise-level.

Another hot topic last week was SCIM, fueled by the SCIM interop session. The goal the interop (SailPoint’s fourth) was to show SCIM in the real world. We thought people would find the interop interesting, but I’m happy to report it went further than that. In fact, a large number of our conversations during the week were dedicated to SCIM. It makes sense when you realize that SCIM is the key to helping enterprises integrate their current IAM infrastructure with SaaS applications. The emerging standard is particularly important because as companies add to the growing list of SaaS applications being deployed in their enterprise, maintaining visibility into and control over the user access to those applications is important.

With the close of the Cloud Identity Summit, we now turn our sights on Gartner Catalyst, where one of our principal software engineers and resident SCIM expert, Kelly Grizzle, will continue to evangelize SCIM’s practical application in today’s business world. Kelly is participating in the “San Diego Identity Standards Smackdown” with a slew of industry experts – Ian Glazer of Gartner; David Brossard of Axiomatics; Pat Patterson of salesforce.com; and Paul Madsen and Pamela Dingle of Ping Identity – to discuss how standards fit in a modern IAM architecture, and why they are crucial to ensuring an enterprises’ success with IAM programs.

We look forward to continuing the conversation of the criticality of IAM’s role in the adoption of cloud computing and how SCIM will play a big part. See you in San Diego!