Ensuring a Secure Digital Transformation

Organizations have been migrating to and adopting Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium to empower their business to meet their demanding digital transformation needs.  As a trusted source of risk-based identity and access management protection, Microsoft has selectively partnered with SailPoint to provide proven and robust identity governance capabilities that enable organizations to confidently address their security and compliance needs when moving to the cloud.

By leveraging the combination of access management and identity governance, organizations can unlock a wave of productivity and growth through secure self-service that not only adheres to corporate policies but also frees IT departments to focus on more strategic imperatives.

Why are organizations finding this so important? Because of both what it enables, and what it solves. While access in the era of devices, applications, and the cloud is becoming easier, enforcing and governing what happens after access is granted is often overlooked and can be the most important factor when it comes to a data breach.  It’s similar to giving someone access to your home. The level of trust you have in that person determines what areas they can visit, and for how long.    By being able to enforce governance aspects such as access certifications, access requests, separation-of-duty policy, role management, and audit reporting to Azure Active Directory’s already impressive array of capabilities, organizations have the means to empower users with seamless access while also ensuring stringent security requirements are met.

At a deeper level, the power of the SailPoint and Microsoft Azure AD integration now provides policy-based workflow and approvals which govern changes to all entitlements using approval workflows, segregation of duties policies, and access risk analysis. And when security needs to be proven, compliance can be demonstrated using pre-defined reports that meet audit requirements and ultimately reduce the level of stress and effort on your compliance teams.

As you can probably tell, identity governance is what lets organizations shift from traditional methods of access and protection to ensuring that employees, contractors, and partners around the world are empowered to succeed while maintaining the organization’s security integrity.

The complexity with which modern systems and data interact and the speed with which business relies on changes to be implemented required the new approach this integration provides. Ultimately, it’s about giving organizations a better and safer way to experience their digital transformation and cloud migration while ensuring access is controlled to all their on-premises and cloud applications and systems.  The power of identity is a business enabler.  Technology doesn’t stand still, and neither do threats.  Microsoft and SailPoint stand ready to meet the challenge.