2013 Market Pulse Survey: Data Security Storm Brewing as Cloud and BYOD Take Hold in the Enterprise

As we’ve talked about several times – there’s no denying that cloud and mobile technologies are becoming mainstream. To better understand to what extent those technologies are impacting large enterprises, we focused SailPoint’s annual Market Pulse Survey on how cloud and mobile are affecting the security and compliance programs at large enterprises.

We interviewed 400 IT leaders at large companies in the US and UK (with an average IT budget of $606 million US and £665 million UK). It came as no surprise that many enterprises are still playing “catch up” to the required levels of oversight and control across their increasingly hybrid IT environments, but we were surprised to see how far behind they were in addressing cloud and mobile. In fact, our survey found that while most enterprises have embraced these technologies, they do not have controls in place to properly manage them.

Some of the most interesting findings from this year’s research include:

  • 84% of companies are using cloud apps for business processes, and 39% of mission-critical apps currently in the cloud;
  • 63% of enterprises now require IT decision makers to evaluate cloud applications as part of every software procurement process;
  • 82% of companies have embraced BYOD, but 41% of those companies do not have controls in place over those devices;
  • 49% are unable to get the “big picture” across all systems and applications; and
  • 46% admit to an inability to grant/revoke employee access to applications across their full IT infrastructure.

The survey highlights an ongoing challenge that security professionals face: how to balance business risk with the need to give employees access to sensitive applications and data in order to perform their jobs. This is especially becoming a larger issue as employees expect broader accessibility to corporate data and systems through cloud and mobile technologies. The good news, of course, is that organizations can regain control with solutions like SailPoint’s IAM suites. To help determine what solution is right for you, check out our recently released our Fifth Edition Identity and Access Management Buyer’s Guide.

If you’re interested in our latest survey results, you can download the 2013 Market Pulse Survey whitepaper here.