Data Breaches are the Cost of Doing Business Today

Data breaches are not as shocking as they used to be. This isn’t because they aren’t happening, but because they are happening. SailPoint’s Annual Market Pulse Survey has found several key trends surrounding identity and data breaches that point to that fact. Businesses are getting owned and they know it, sometimes costing them millions when it happens. As many as 3 in 5 actually expect a breach in the coming year, and a third of them believe they won’t even know when it happens.

How Identity Helps

Prevention, detection and response – the battle cry of cybersecurity experts everywhere. Identity touches each of those core tactics in avoiding a data breach. By giving users the right access to the right data at the right time, you’re preventing the data from being a free-for-all in the first place. Through the ability to see user behavior and know when something isn’t right, detection is that much quicker. And being able to lock down those compromised accounts in a critical situation such as a breach, you can respond swiftly. Say it with us: it’s not if but when you’ll be breached. It’s how you prepare and respond that counts.

Editor’s note: Keep an eye on the blog as we feature key stats from SailPoint’s Annual Market Pulse Survey in this series sharing how identity plays a role in the cybersecurity issues businesses are facing.