Computing Magazine Profiles SailPoint Customer

Recently, Danny Palmer of Computing Magazine sat down with Ralf Kappler, head of BBS service delivery at UBS, the largest bank in Switzerland. The resulting feature discusses how Kappler and his team will utilize SailPoint IdentityIQ to address ever-shifting compliance requirements and ultimately, mitigate risk across the organization.

The profile highlights how – like other financial institutions across the globe – UBS is regularly faced with a mounting list of regulations and needed a solution like IdentityIQ to efficiently manage “who has access to what” in order to quickly adapt to any changes made by financial regulators.

“It is important because in this ever growing regulatory environment, our regulations are scrutinising financial industries very much. We have new regulations coming down on us almost on a weekly basis and if we have to implement these changes in three legacy systems instead of just one, it’s going to cost you more and it’s probably going to take longer for you to implement,” Kappler explained.

“[With IdentityIQ], we can converge three systems into one unified solution, reducing cost and effort significantly. But our time to market will also go down,” Kappler told Computing, and explained how significant the time to market element is.

You can read Danny’s recap of his conversation with Ralf here: UBS Mitigates Risk and Reduces IT Costs with SailPoint IdentityIQ