The Power of Compliance and Efficiency with IAM: A Conversation with Optiv

Our partners provide value to our customers and help us deliver our solutions around the world. This week we share insights from Optiv on how identity is driving the enterprise to innovate, grow and move forward securely. 

SailPoint: Congratulations on being a SailPoint partner of the year! In a nutshell, tell us a little bit more about Optiv and your experience in identity governance.

In line with our emphasis on holistic solutions, we focus on the entire identity and access management (IAM) stack, including: access management, privileged access management, access governance, identity management, identity data management, data security and analytics, as well as management and oversight of an entire IAM program.

Identity and access governance (IAG) is the largest part of our IAM practice, in terms of the number of projects and dedicated resources. We have delivered more than 100 SailPoint projects since Optiv’s inception, in a variety of verticals including healthcare, financial services, retail and manufacturing.

For the third consecutive year, Optiv has been awarded SailPoint’s Spinnaker Award, which honors the partner that most clearly demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the value proposition of enterprise-grade IAM technology. We are thrilled to be recognized once again by SailPoint for our extensive IAM expertise and capabilities.

What do you attribute as the top 2-3 major business drivers for your clients in making an identity governance purchase in the last year?

We believe clients look at our comprehensive, industry-leading capabilities when they make the choice to go with Optiv.

  • Regulatory compliance: complying with law is paramount when it comes to information security. Requirements such as HIPAA, FISMA and GLBA can be difficult to navigate.
  • Efficiency and automation: organizations are looking for better ways to automate the on-boarding and off-boarding of employees. Specifically, improving time to efficiency of new employees and reducing the risk of a terminated employee continuing to access corporate applications.
  • Reduce threat profile as organizations migrate to the cloud: as organizations transition to the cloud, providing access governance over SaaS, PaaS and IaaS-based applications becomes critical to meet regulatory compliance requirements and maintain security policies.

Where do you see the identity governance market going in 2017?

IAM is constantly changing, and 2017 will be no different. “Identity” means different things to different organizations, and this year we believe broadening what organizations think of when they hear “identity” will be a big trend.

Most organizations think of IAM as identity and access governance just for employees. In today’s security landscape that is simply not enough. IAM programs need to include partners and clients in the IAM tools and processes. Third-party risk – wherein an outside vendor or contractor may have access to sensitive data – is no small portion of the IAM picture, but something that is often overlooked. We believe aligning business goals with IAM initiatives, fully incorporating people, process and technology as well as best practices yields the best results. Optiv offers deeper expertise, more dedicated resources and stronger partnering with IAM vendors due to our size and scale.

Another trend we will see increase in 2017 is cloud consideration. As organizations continue shifting to the cloud, identity governance will be extended to SaaS applications and applications hosted in public and private clouds. Our clients say our combination of deep cloud experience and IAM resources uniquely positions us to assist with the many issues surrounding cloud integration.