Feet on the Street: Cloud Talk at Gartner IAM Summit

One of our favorite industry events is the annual Gartner IAM Summit, because it’s a great opportunity to meet up with so many of our current and future customers, as well as our partners and industry analysts. This year’s conference theme centered on reimagining IAM to accelerate digital business. Analysts presented a variety of sessions discussing how digital business will boost the scale and scope of IAM projects going forward, as well as the impact that will have on the selling in process to key stakeholders. Conversations around the show floor also focused on the ongoing efforts to move IAM programs beyond “just compliance” and into “identity as a true security discipline.”

And, of course, you couldn’t blink without hearing about the cloud. In fact, in the opening keynote, Gartner analysts said that 22 percent of their clients expect to deploy cloud-based identity governance in 2017, driven by a goal of taking a cloud-first strategy.

To that end, we took time at the show to survey customers and attendees about their plans for cloud adoption in the next five years. Over the course of our conversations, we confirmed two trends related to cloud:

  • 30% of respondents expect to move more of their mission-critical applications hosted in the cloud in the next 2-3 years, if they aren’t already doing so (many expressed to me that this is already well underway for their organization today); and
  • 50% of respondents expect to take a “cloud-first” approach to IT by 2021.

Clearly, the benefits of the cloud are accelerating the adoption of IAM from the cloud. However, even enterprises moving into a “cloud-first” strategy will continue to have legacy applications that will remain on-premises. Fortunately, this is where identity governance can help organizations. With a true, cloud-based identity governance solution, organizations can get the immediate benefits of the cloud while still having full visibility into and control over their entire IT ecosystem – on-premises and in the cloud. That’s the power of identity – giving organizations the ability to charge down the cloud-first path efficiently, effectively and importantly – securely.

It’s an exciting time to be in the world of identity governance, and the conversations this week in Las Vegas only proved that even further. If you weren’t able to join us, we’d recommend a couple of resources to help you learn more about how cloud-based identity governance can help you:

Stay tuned for a blog post next week that spotlights Orrstown Bank’s SVP and CISO Andrew Linn who spoke at the Gartner show this week on why they embraced a cloud-first strategy and how that played into their decision to take a cloud-based approach to their identity governance rollout with SailPoint.