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The Emerging Landscape of Healthcare Cyber Insurance  

Authored by Bridget Haraslic, Product Marketing Manager Hospitals, outpatient care, clinics, and other healthcare facilities face increasingly granular cyber liability insurance coverage requirements. Unprecedented claim payouts from ransomware attacks have led to a hardened market, and cyber insurers want to reduce their risk.   Healthcare organizations are tasked with demonstrating that […]

Navigate 2022: CISO-to-CISO Panel (Day 2)

Authored by Brian Royer, Content Marketing Writer The Navigate 2022 Customer Panel: CISO to CISO proved one of our most popular sessions. It featured an expert group of CISOs who brought their unique perspectives on the best practices and successful outcomes they’ve experienced when taking an “uncompromising” approach to identity security, including Zero Trust. […]

Rethinking the Identity Security Paradigm: Three Ways to Stay Ahead of Identity-related Threats

Authored by Grady Summers, Executive VP, Products For far too long, I have seen organizations and their IT teams rely on annual or quarterly certification campaigns to verify their users have the proper access. While access certifications are necessary, the traditional approach of yearly or quarterly certification campaigns offers little […]

Emergency Access Management: Manage Critical Security Measures with Ease

Authored by Cameron Wilson, Product Marketing Manager Whenever you hear the term “In case of emergency, break glass,” it’s often a fire hose or a crisis communications professional that comes to mind. However, in the realm of IT, it means providing temporary, elevated access to employees for a certain period. […]

SaaS Workflows: Re-think Automation with SailPoint Identity Security Cloud

Authored by Jerry Aubel, Senior Product Marketing Manager Automation is an important key to a more efficient Identity Security program. One where you can concentrate more on execution and less on building manual processes. That’s why we are excited to talk to you about SailPoint Identity Security Cloud SaaS Workflows. […]

The Horizons of Identity Security

Nobel prize-winning author John Steinbeck once said, “…to find where you are going, you must know where you are.” Having a starting point in whatever journey you are undertaking is vital as the path forward starts from there.  In the case of our world, identity security for large, complex enterprises […]

Identity Security as a Digital Accelerant and Risk Mitigator

In my previous blog, I talked about a couple of “forcing functions” that dramatically increased the relevance and criticality of identity security in securing the modern enterprise. The most obvious was the pandemic and in short succession, the significant acceleration in a trend that we saw percolating within the enterprise […]

Mature Your IGA Solution with a Role-Based Framework

By Jerry Aubel, Sr. Product Marketing Manager If timing is everything, now may be the right time to begin your Role-Based Access Control journey. In my previous blog, I discussed access certifications and compliance functionality available in IdentityNow. Today, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of role management to help you determine […]

Cybersecurity in Healthcare: The Value of Leveraging Identity Security to Manage EHR Access

Authored by Matthew Radcliffe, Area Vice President of Sales, US and Canada Healthcare organizations are challenged with knowing how to reduce clinician friction while increasing healthcare organizations’ ability to meet a rapidly changing security landscape. Often losing great clinical staff because they don’t have the right access when they need […]

Identity Security Remains Business Essential 

When the pandemic took root back in 2020, companies moved to triage mode in order to rapidly become a 100% virtual workforce. The most pressing item on their list: get everyone access to everything they need to be productive on the job from home.   Not only was the shift swift, […]