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Identity is Security: Gone GDPR Phishing

Another week has come and gone, and in identity and security that means another flurry of headlines to sort through. Let’s start with the biggest elephant in the room this week: GDPR. As companies try to get ahead of the first GDPR requirements, consumers are seeing a flurry of privacy […]

The Revolution Will Be Digitized

A time comes for every technology when it’s outstripped by a newcomer. CDs brought about the demise of floppy disks and cassette tapes, just as streaming services like Pandora and Spotify have now taken over CDs. But even in the enterprise space, new technologies are taking over the territories of […]

Identity is Security: What’s Your Password?

Thanks to  World Password Day, passwords are in the spotlight in this week’s news cycle. You may think the password’s days are numbered, but they’re still a major piece of the cybersecurity puzzle. Our weekly news recap begins in small-town Virginia. A high-school student got his hands on a password […]

[Not] Breaking News: Passwords Still Alive But Not So Well

Just a few letters, numbers and (hopefully) special characters stand between your data and someone who could do something damaging with it. Yes, I’m talking about passwords and passphrases, something we all love to hate. SailPoint partnered with research company Vanson Bourne to survey 400 IT decision makers about their […]

6 Must-Read Articles for World Password Day

Passwords. We need them for just about everything today. Yet, do we really think about them very much other than to mindlessly type them in when asked to log in? And by ‘think about them,’ I mean – are you regularly updating them, making them unique, avoiding duplicating them across […]

Earthquakes and Identity Governance: The Magnitude of Preparedness

Those who have spent any time in California are undoubtedly familiar with the possibility of an earthquake.  However rare they are, most have taken at least some level of preparation—whether knowing about evacuation routes, or putting together an earthquake kit with batteries, water, flashlights, etc. During a recent trip to […]

Mistaken Identity: Spartacus and the Right to Privacy

Is there a fundamental right to privacy—and if so, what does it look like practically? David Lee and Mike Kiser explore privacy and the right of end users over their own personal data in the wake of recent news about the reselling of personal data to third parties on the […]

Friday Quick Take: Identity Analytics in Government Organizations

SailPoint’s Chief Strategy Officer shared with Federal News Radio how government organizations can identify and manage the risks associated with the proliferation of data while keeping it secure with identity governance and identity analytics.

A Better Way for Governments to Secure Sensitive Data Files

Governments and public agencies that focus their identity management efforts solely on systems and applications could fall short of closing critical cybersecurity and compliance gaps associated with citizen data. This is because data rarely sits still within a secure structured database. For instance, a state education department administrator compiling a […]

Mistaken Identity: Identity is The Opposite of Speed Dating

It’s easy to theorize about security, but the people putting identity programs into practice know firsthand what works and what should be discarded like yesterday’s newspaper twitter feed. David Lee and Mike Kiser welcome Jom John, Managing Director of simplexiam, the first in a series of discussions with identity implementers […]