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Life at SailPoint

Three Questions with Field CTO EMEA, Caroline Lawson

If you have questions about identity and security, Caroline Lawson is the person for the job. She has spent years building up a career in technology, all the way from starting as a translator in Sales Operations to becoming a Security Architect. Now, in her current role as Field CTO […]

SailPoint Executive Book Club: Dave Hendrix, SVP of Strategic Innovation

Next up in our executive book club series is Dave Hendrix our Senior Vice President of Strategic Innovation. We sat down with Dave to dig deep and find out what books have helped him grow into the leader he is today. What is your all-time favorite book? Ishmael: An Adventure […]

Three Questions with Sandy Dunn, CISO at a Large Health Insurance Provider in Idaho

Picture this: it’s 4:30 a.m. on a cold winter day in Wyoming. Instead of sleeping in and staying cozy, you wake up to start your paper delivery route. Seven days a week. On a bike. Facing strong winds head-on. That’s Sandy Dunn’s experience at her first job when she was […]

We Can Only Be Human Together

These weeks of reflection, change and important conversations show that we still have so much work ahead of us as a society as we strive to undo generations of inequality and inequity. We have taken time to listen, learn and work to do better. Our CEO Mark McClain shared a […]

SailPoint Executive Book Club: Matt Mills, CRO

For our next installment in the executive book club series we asked Matt Mills our Chief Revenue Officer what his top four favorite books are. It looks like we will be setting some new habits with Matt’s list. Check out his must-reads below. When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing […]

Three Questions with Sr. Customer Success Manager, Tony Dahl

Tony Dahl is a person of many talents. “Colorful, interesting and always challenging” – that’s how she describes her journey to SailPoint. She’s owned a catering company, worked in real estate, and managed marketing for a civil engineering company, to name just a few of the many hats she has […]

SailPoint Executive Book Club: Paul Trulove, CPO

This week we sat down with Paul Trulove our Chief Product Officer to learn more about the type of books he reads and recommends. During our conversation, we learned that he is a big fan of historical fiction and is an avid reader. What is your favorite book of all […]

Three Questions with Senior Marketing Manager Fiona Chow

Sometimes your career takes a different direction. This couldn’t be truer for SailPoint’s Senior Marketing Manager Fiona Chow. Based in Hong Kong, Fiona’s career journey didn’t take a straightforward path. Interested in computer science at a young age, Fiona spent countless hours programming. Even though she thought she would be […]

SailPoint Executive Book Club: Juliette Rizkallah, CMO

We all live busy lives and sometimes lose sight of the importance of reading books. Regardless of the genre reading is crucial to improve our thoughts, grammar and knowledge. Professional growth books can aid us in being confident in professional discussions and provide important insights into career development. With so […]

Three Questions with Culture Program Manager, Becky Harmonson

Today’s installment of Women in Identity is near and dear to my heart. A huge reason that I am such a vocal advocate of the #SailPointCrew team is that our culture is literally like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my 18+ year professional career. I have never worked for a […]