Souping up the Gremlin

Authors: Amit Chandak and Satish Kakollu  SailPoint’s Cloud Access Management product provides insights into the access patterns of the identities using Cloud Service Provider (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) resources. It not only answers “who” has access to “what”, but also “how” did they get that access. In short, it creates an access graph for each identity. We use a […]

Language Translation Support in SailPoint’s UI

Supporting international customers can be a daunting task if the User Interface (UI) is not designed right from the beginning. As SailPoint continues to expand into different markets, we need to be able to support new languages quickly while continuously creating new UI content. Translations also open an opportunity for security vulnerabilities. To provide a simple and […]

Three Questions with Senior Test Engineer, Kelly Wrinkle

Kelly Wrinkle has always had an interest in technology. While studying interactive design and game development in college, she discovered that her attention to detail and curiosity would make her a perfect fit for a career in testing. Test engineers are required to fully test a product or system to […]

Three Questions with Suchitra Hari, Director of Engineering, SaaS at SailPoint

Suchitra Hari is the type of leader you want on your team. Calm and collected, but firm, she knows how to motivate people to innovate. Early on, she says she was reluctant to pursue a career in engineering, but 15 years later that path has given Suchitra the ability to […]

If Mom Taught Me Anything … It’s That You Need a Feature Store

“A problem well stated is a problem half-solved.” – Charles Kettering  It is not a secret that data fuels our digital progress. The key is to use that data effectively. SailPoint is not an exception to this digital progress. At SailPoint, we use data to inform our AI/ML platforms and have built a Feature Store as the foundation. Feature Store?  Features are everything when […]

Managing AWS Glue Costs and DPU Capacity with Glue Job Metrics

What is AWS Glue?  According AWS developers guide – “AWS Glue is a fully managed ETL (extract, transform, and load) service that makes it simple and cost-effective to categorize your data, clean it, enrich it, and move it reliably between various data stores and data streams”. AWS Glue is serverless, […]

Protocol-based connectors enable broad integration

Connectivity is at the heart of SailPoint Identity and Access Governance. IGA program managers see significant increases in business value as they integrate highly critical applications, in higher quantities, under governance. Our integrations fall under two categories: Named application connectors – These are out of the box integrations with a […]

Forget your password while working remotely? We can help!

With the rapid development in technology, work culture, and our current lockdown situation, people might not always be connected to their corporate network. They need to connect remotely from home, a client site, or other venues. The following scenario might sound familiar to you. While you are working remotely, you […]

SailPoint’s Fast Federation (FastFed) SDK Released!

Today, SailPoint is proud to announce the release of two MIT licensed, open-source SDKs that implement the current FastFed specification.  As of this blog post, the implementer’s draft has just recently been submitted and is awaiting approval. You can find the source at  For those, like myself, with short […]

SailPoint Engineers: Being Proactive, Not Reactive

Being proactive means anticipating problems, seeking new solutions and doing your best by acting before a situation turns into a source of confrontation or crisis. It means taking responsibility for our product rather than just watching how things happen. In this area of customer service, responding to clients or events after a […]