Can Your Business Prove Compliance?

An auditor walks into a large company and says, “Can you show me who has access to what data?” This isn’t the start of a bad compliance joke, but an actual question you should be able to answer. Compliance is a necessary burden that businesses must meet if they want to remain competitive. This rings especially true for those in healthcare and financial services firms, but really, it applies to everyone. So really, if an auditor walked into your business today and asked to see a report of all your business users and what data they have access to, could you produce it? Further, how long would it take you? SailPoint’s Market Pulse Survey found that only 33 percent of respondents could produce a company-wide report within 24 hours on who has access to what resources and what can be done with that access.

 How Identity Helps

The proof is in the pudding they say, and that is what compliance is all about – solid proof that you’re up to standard and following the policies you say you’re following. Identity provides several layers of proof when it comes to compliance measures like SOX and the impending GDPR. Data protection and privacy starts with keeping it from landing in the wrong hands to begin with, which is precisely what identity governance does. Additionally, the automation of this task removes the exhausting and expensive process of doing access requests and reviews manually, giving the IT team the power to be more efficient and accurate in their day-to-day operations. Identity also allows businesses to enforce access policies such as segregation of duty and quickly revoke access as needed. And, finally, with the power of identity, if that auditor we mentioned earlier walked in demanding proof of compliance, you could pull that report and show them you are compliant. That’s the power of identity.