Building (and Keeping) an Award-Winning Team

I’m lucky. With incredible founders like Mark and Kevin, my job is easy. Under their leadership, the organization’s culture has been strong and purposeful since day one. As a result, SailPoint has matured into an industry leader that continues to evolve. Whatever change may come in the future, there are a few fundamental in-house best practices worth sharing that we’ve found have helped us maintain a connected, high-performing team while driving growth, profitability and scale. I recently hosted an HR Executive Dinner with Austin Technology Council on our corporate culture to share some of these best practices.

DO Keep the hiring bar high. Hire for culture before skill-set and enable people in all parts of the organization to have a voice in the hiring process. Our culture represents the company’s four core values (Innovation, Integrity, Impact and Individuals or the 4 I’s for short). These values are not something that we take for granted. They are reflected in every aspect of SailPoint’s business. In the recruiting process for any role, we search for candidates who best demonstrate these core values. It goes without saying that job performance is table stakes, but when there’s a choice among candidates, we always optimize on folks who are the best cultural fit for us.

DO Keep team members at the forefront of all decisions and choices. This adage might sound cliché; however, for a company experiencing fits and starts of growth in its first decade, every big decision (and many of the small ones) impact the people upon whose hard work the organization depends. Our collective brainpower as the most experienced and knowledgeable IAM team in the world requires that we value our people as our most important asset.

DON’T Create an organization of silos. This gets hard as the team gets bigger, more countries and locations are added and the stakes seem higher. But we have been intentional to ensure the entire company is aligned and working toward the same goals. We’ve found that individuals function at a higher level when they aren’t beholden to their job title or team’s department. More often than not, we’ve found that if all are treated as the bright and accomplished ADULTS that they are, amazing things can and will happen.

Now to the present. Our team works every day to attract and retain the very best people in the world, and that hard work has paid off. We’ve been named one of the Best Places to Work in Austin for seven consecutive years. However, both the credit and responsibility go to every single person at SailPoint to uphold and care for the culture and values that have been the foundation of our success.