Delivering “Anytime, Anywhere” Access Management with Visibility and Control

Providing convenient online access to business applications is critical to keep end users productive and happy. It sounds simple, but with the advent of cloud and mobile computing, access management has become a lot more complicated. Employees increasingly use their own devices and personal cloud applications for daily tasks, alongside the use of corporate-sponsored applications such as SalesForce, Box and Google Apps, and web applications such as portals, intranets, ERP systems and HR systems.

The Access Balancing Act

The increased use of cloud and mobile services is making it increasingly challenging for IT to deliver the right levels of access control, security and compliance, while at the same time enabling the business to adapt and innovate. Many organizations are struggling with access management solutions that aren’t cloud and mobile-ready, and only address a subset of the applications used by today’s workforce. What’s needed is a single sign-on (SSO) solution that facilitates access to cloud and web applications anytime, anywhere, via any device, while at the same time giving IT the control and visibility needed by today’s enterprises.

SSO from SailPoint

SailPoint now provides this centralized point of access giving employees a streamlined and personalized SSO experience for all the applications they use, regardless of where applications are hosted or how the employee accesses them – via a desktop, PC or mobile device. And, because the access management capabilities are seamlessly integrated with the other capabilities in SailPoint IdentityIQ, it gives IT teams the right controls to govern access to high-risk applications, using integrated preventive and detective controls, such as step-up authentication, access certifications and policy violation detection.